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Good News - national campaign to boost customer service for 2012

07 December 2010 : Written by Rhian Evans
Good News - national campaign to boost customer service for 2012
At Campingninja we are very pleased that Visit Britain has launched a national campaign to educate and train tourism providers in order to boost levels of customer service in the UK. The aim is to train 200,000 hospitality and tourism staff ahead of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. At the moment Britain doesn't rank very highly on a world level if perceived "welcome" which is obviously going to be key in the run up and during the Games. This training, by Worldhost, will also be of great benefit to the tourism industry after the Olympics and especially for our customer service levels for other major events in the next few years - 2014 Ryder Cup and Commonwealth games, and the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

So, why are we writing about it? Well, at Campingninja we're passionate about enabling camping, caravan and holiday parks to increase their levels of customer service. We have a wealth of experience between us in tourism both domestic and international and one of the largest over-riding factors for success is always great customer service. And this means throughout the whole process of someone's travel experience: working out where to go and what to do; finding the right accommodation and transport; booking it all; getting there; the experience whilst there; coming home; after the trip.

It all counts. Going on a trip, a holiday is all about having an experience and that whole experience should feel good. If someone has a nightmare finding and booking their holiday they begin their whole experience in a frustrated way; if the facilities aren't as promised at a hotel or holiday park then that person will feel unhappy and often angry; if people are unfriendly in the local shops and pubs the traveller feels unwelcome and cannot access local life. The list of these parts of a holiday are endless, but all are equally important. 

Word of mouth recommendations are priceless for tourism providers, and in today's world this doesn't just mean people talking to their friends at the pub; it means sharing their reviews on review websites like TripAdvisor or Campingninja; it means sharing photos and stories on Facebook and Twitter. "Word of mouth" is more powerful than ever. This is all fantastic for you when you have provided great customer service. However, it is also a fact that people are 10 times more likely to share their holiday "experience" with others when it has been a negative one. Now, more than ever, providing a high level of customer service is essential to the whole tourism industry. There is a lot of competition and less people wonting to spend money - those who provide the best experiences will rise to the top.

70% of campers would prefer to be able to find and book a campsite, caravan or holiday park online - it makes their busy lives so much easier and enables them to find the right place for them to have the experience they desire. Campingninja enables campsites and parks to provide this to their customers free.

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