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The Secret Diary of a Camping Ninja: Father’s Day Lunch

19 June 2011 : Written by A Camping Ninja
The Secret Diary of a Camping Ninja: Father’s Day Lunch

To celebrate this year’s Father’s Day not only was I taking my Ninja Papa away for a camping trip, but I had also promised to cook him a special Father’s Day lunch with some of my home grown specialities from the allotment.

I headed up to the allotment first thing in the morning to collect the special ingredients.  An exceptional growing season had resulted in the potatoes bursting out of their bag, full pots of flourishing strawberries, lots of tumbling tomatoes and happy herbs but worryingly no space raiders had even remotely begun to sprout just yet.

Perhaps it was time to face facts and accept that this could be the start of a great space raider famine.  Although I sincerely hoped not.  Luckily, they were still stocked in all good outlets.

Unfortunately it did mean that the home grown space raiders Father’s Day lunch I had promised would no longer be a possibility.  Not wanting to let my Ninja Papa down, or spoil our plans for lunch, I made a chef’s executive decision to improvise and pulled out a packet of space raiders from my ninja knapsack and planted them loosely under the top of the soil in the empty half of the potato bag.

I picked up the potato bag and lugged it into the back of the ninja wagon and drove over to my Ninja Papa’s house, picking him up on the way and we arrived at the campsite as planned, in perfect time for lunch.

My Ninja Papa set up the tent, while I got busy in the camping kitchen.  A feast of fresh ingredients from the allotment went into the special recipe, fresh basil, parsley, a few chillies and what were at least freshly dug out of the potato bag, space raiders.  Who knew if substituting fresh space raiders with ones from a packet would make much difference to the recipe?  They were both part of the corn and wheat snack family so I went ahead with it anyway.

A little while later the special lunch was ready to eat and we both tucked in.  It was surprisingly delicious.  Just like a good vintage wine there were ripe flavours of oak-aged garden herbs, pickled onion scented with the full flair and flavour of chillies, a blend of earthy notes and the crunchy texture of… well, mud covered crisps really!

In fact it tasted so fantastically fresh and delicious that my Ninja Papa would never have known that these particular space raiders were not home grown.  Apart from that just a few moments later, a gust of wind blew the space raiders packet right out of the rubbish bag and it landed straight in front of my Ninja Papa’s feet.  Oh no.  It was a complete giveaway but never mind.  Happy Father’s Day, Ninja Papa.

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