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The Campingninja Pop Up Tent Challenge

26 August 2010 : Written by The Campingninja Team
The Camping Ninjas have been out and about and decided to give themselves a pop-up tent challenge. See how they got on and also see how to get one of those tents back into its bag!!!

How to pack a tent - Campingninja style - Camping Tip of the Week

18 August 2010 : Written by Rhian Evans
The Camping Ninja wanted to make sure everyone knows how to fold away their tents so that they are not damaged or destroyed for the next time you use it. He's demonstrating here with "quite a large tent" to show you how..... The usual randomness ensues!

Campingninja Camping Tip of the Week - Finding the right pitch - ninja style!

04 August 2010 : Written by Rhian Evans
Ever struggled to find the perfect spot to pitch your tent? Well, struggle no more after watching the Campingninja guide to finding a great camping pitch....


Visit the Campingninja YouTube Channel for more Campingninja videos....

Campingninja Camping Tip of the Week - Scrambled Eggs Ninja Style.

28 July 2010 : Written by The Campingninja Team
Scrambled Eggs is one of the classic dishes of camping. But how do you cook them with the least amount of fuss and washing up?

Find out from the Camping Ninja as he demonstrates "Scrambled Eggs - Ninja Style"

Campingninja Camping Tip of the Week Video - What, no pillow?

21 July 2010 : Written by Rhian Evans
What do you do if you don't want to lug a pillow around camping or have forgotten one? Disaster? No. There is an easy and ingenius solution.

  • 1 pillow case (if planned) or 1 sleeping bag sack (if unplanned)
  • 1 jumper
  • 2 pairs of trousers
  • 1 Campingninja t-shirt
  • 1 sock (not smelly)
Why not let the ninja show you how.....


Campingninja Camping Tip of the week video: How to save gas and time....

13 July 2010 : Written by Rhian Evans
Campingninja tip of the week demo: don't fill your kettle or pan to the brim with water when you just want a cup of tea. Simply fill your cup with cold water then pour into the kettle to boil - it will take no time at all and use far less gas. Can you afford to miss it?

Top Camping Tips....

13 July 2010 : Written by The Campingninja Team
At Campingninja we have decided to put together our top camping tips as we thought this could be useful for all of us. We also know that all of you who camp have your own top tips which we would love to know about so we can all share them.

So, to start the list we have:
  • Travelling lighter - instead of having to pack a pillow, just bring a pillow case and fill it with towel and soft clothes to make your pillow. Click here for the demo video featuring the Camping Ninja...
  • Use a checklist - it ensures you don't forget something which is so easy to-do when you have a pastime which tends to involve lots of kit - it's even easier now as you can use the Campingninja Essential Camping Kit List
  • Make your first night's meal at home and freeze it, then bring it in your cool box. It will keep the other food cool, it saves you having to cook a full meal on arrival or go out for dinner, and it is just right for heating up when you need it.
  • Save gas and time - only boil the amount of water you need. E.g. when making a cup of tea fill your cup with cold water then pour into your kettle / pan - you'll be surprised at how quickly you can get your brew on and how little gas you use. Click here to see Campingninja demo video (in case you can't work it out) - genius....
  • Scrambled Eggs - we all love them but they can be quite a messy affair. Secret is to only use one pan, crack the eggs straight in as the gas is already on and stir like mad to scramble as they cook. See the Camping Ninja demo - we're sure you'll love it...
  • Finding the right camping spot - make sure you find the right place for your tent - avoiding slopes, nearby roads, restrictions which don't suit and obstructions - the video makes it all perfectly clear.... and the Camping Ninja is in his element!

Geoff wanted to put on his 2 favourites - "never eat yellow snow" and "never pat a burning dog" but we weren't sure that was really what we're after!

Please let us know your top camping tips by leaving a comment below and we'll add them to our list and credit you - share the camping love....

Campingninja feature in Sainsbury's Magazine - Happy Campers

21 June 2010 : Written by The Campingninja Team
Campingninja feature in Sainsbury's Magazine - Happy Campers
Geoff is featured giving expert camping tips in July's Sainsbury's Magazine in an article, "Happy Campers" by Francesca Syz.

Amongst other things Geoff talks about his fondest camping memories along the South West Coast Path in Devon and some of his favourite campsites.

Geoff's take on camping, "camping is about connecting with the great outdoors so it doesn't really matter what the weather is like - the uncertainty is all part of the adventure".

Geoff's top camping tip, "A brilliant camping trip comes down to three things; good company, the right equipment and a decent back-up plan for rainy days."

To read the whole article for yourself you'll have to buy the magazine! Buy Sainsbury's magazine.